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2015 Speakers included:

Vicealmirante Edwin R. Dominici Rosario, ARD
Vicealmirante Edwin R. Dominici Rosario, ARD
Vice-Ministro de Defensa para Asuntos Navales y Costeros
República Dominicana
Rear Admiral Ricardo Hurtado Chacón
Rear Admiral Ricardo Hurtado Chacón
Comandante de la Fuerza de Tarea Contra el Narcotráfico -73 “Neptuno”
Colombian Navy
Brigadier Rocky Meade
Brigadier Rocky Meade
Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
Jamaican Defence Force
Ambassador Paola Amadei
Ambassador Paola Amadei
Head of Delegation to Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Cayman Islands
EU External Action Service
Commodore Hans Lodder
Commodore Hans Lodder
Netherlands Forces in the Caribbean
Guyana Coast Guard
Commander Gary Beaton
Guyana Coast Guard
The Hon. Bernard J. Nottage
The Hon. Bernard J. Nottage
Minister of National Security
The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Captain Tellis Bethel
Acting Commander
Royal Bahamas Defense Force

CABSEC 16: Promoting Security Cooperation in the Caribbean Basin

This fourth annual conference will bring together ministers, chiefs of defence, law-enforcement officers, and diplomatic personnel to discuss the provision of maritime security in the region. The CABSEC forum is an impartial one that can make a meaningful contribution by addressing critical questions of maritime security and promoting the implementation of structures of cooperation within the region and sub-regions.

The nexus between transnational organized crime and extremist organizations continues to pose a global threat. Funding for extremist groups around the world, that continue to threaten U.S. and European interests, is connected to transatlantic illicit flows. This also remains a considerable risk for Caribbean Nations; the impact of a terrorist incident in any part of the Caribbean would decimate the region’s tourism sector that underpins many of the economies. Additionally, the social ills associated with illicit activity, such as knife and gun crime, continue to affect local communities on a daily basis.

However, this shared challenge offers opportunity for collaboration. Counter-Narcotic operations are a cornerstone for hemispheric security cooperation along the third border of the United States. The EU and West Africa are also bound to the region by historical and cultural ties, making this a truly international forum to discuss the shared challenge of combating transatlantic illicit trade.

Key topics discussed at CABSEC 2015 included:

  • Combating transnational organised criminal networks
  • Promoting the Treaty of San Jose
  • Supporting the CARICOM Crime and Security Strategy
  • Facilitating regional and hemispheric security cooperation
  • Interdiction of narcotics flowing through the region
  • Protecting national Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) Collective approaches to cyber security
  • Enhancing regional training and security cooperation
  • Sharing lessons learned in the establishment and modernization of Coast Guard forces

Attendee Stories

"Excelente! Muy buenos las presentaciones y el objectivo de la misma es fabulosa pasa nuestros paises de la region del caribe. Espero volver con una presentacion." - Captain Victor Pilier, Director de Inteligencia Naval, Armada Republica Dominicana
"Excellent" - Simon Riondet, Head of Interagency Unit, OCTRIS
"Great Conference. It is always good to get the main players all in one place to discuss common issues and provide possible solutions" - Jeffrey Forde, Special Projects Officer, Regional Security System
"Great Forum" - Rear Admiral Macedo, Head of Naval Aviation, Mexican Navy
"The conference was very informative, as it exposed the people dealing with regional security problems to the people who can provide the equipment required to get the job done properly. It exposed all to the security issues confronting the region" - Lt. Col. Patrick Wallace, Commander, St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force
"A good information sharing platform. The organisation should include politicians and government officials who make policy, including the legal circle" - Captain (CG) John Flores, Colonel Administration and Quartering, Guyana Defence Force
"It was a very informative conference, knowledge was received in regards to the efforts and activities in the drug trafficking trade in the region" - Brigadier David Jones, Commander, Belize Defence Force
"Interesting and well organised" - James Story, Director, U.S. Department of State

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